What we can do for you

We will Stabilize then Optimize™ your processes, train your people, and change your culture to sustain the gain.


Stabilize then Optimize™ is our Enterprise and system level approach to operational and organizational excellence.

This blend of Lean Six Sigma techniques with a focus on data-driven decision making, strategy and innovation alignment, and cultural enablers for organizational transformation will evolve your organization to a gold standard.


Get your customized training by consultants that know how to do real work; not just teach theory.

We all know that reality if far different than the nicely packaged examples in most training programs. Feel free to challenge us, get real answers and coaching to your current problems, and share in our stories and anecdotes, the good, the bad and the ugly… but mostly good.

Senior management said "not only was this a very successful event, the Lean 5S team, led by APO hit the ball out of the park". Ron Salkeld, Director of Continuous Improvement, Veka North America

When can we help?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I confronted with a difficult to solve operational problem that is affecting business performance and potential?
  • Are we putting customer relationships at risk?
  • Is time of the essence?
  • Are we just too close to the problem to solve it?
  • Do we need a paradigm shift and a fresh approach to problem solving?
  • Do we lack all the skills and resources needed to solve this problem?
  • Does my greatest need require root cause analysis using a statistical process?
  • Do we need someone who works well on the shop floor and with all levels of management?
  • When we are done – Can our people be trained to solve problems?
  • Can the problem be fixed so that it stays fixed?

Success Stories

With a 100% success rate, the solutions we provide will bring instant value to your organization. Read some of our success stories to learn how we get results.