What We Do

We are Process Improvement Experts.

Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. is a Process Improvement Consultancy focused on permanently eliminating problems in your business processes, and drastically improving process and team performance using Lean, Six Sigma, Simulation Modeling, Training, and Organizational Change Management.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I confronted with a difficult to solve operational problem that is affecting business performance and potential?
  • Are we putting customer relationships at risk?
  • Is time of the essence?
  • Are we just too close to the problem to solve it?
  • Do we need a paradigm shift and a fresh approach to problem solving?
  • Do we lack all the skills and resources needed to solve this problem?
  • Does my greatest need require root cause analysis using a statistical process?
  • Do we need someone who works well on the shop floor and with all levels of management?
  • When we are done – Can our people be trained to solve problems?
  • Can the problem be fixed so that it stays fixed?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, call Advanced Process Optimization (855-427-6462) or send us a message.

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