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AIST Presentation Using Simulation Modeling for Material Handling and Transportation Systems

On Thursday October 12, 2017 Advanced Process Optimization President and CEO, Jason Merschat, delivered a presentation on using simulation modeling to develop and test material handling and transportation systems to the steel industry professionals from the Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) Material Handling and Transportation and Logistics joint committee meeting members. Members represent companies such as Nucor Steel, Arcelor Mittal, and AK Steel.

We discussed using Simulation Modeling during both the sales cycle and the design build cycle and the benefits for each project lifecycle step. We also covered some of the benefits to both vendors and consumers of material handling solutions. A synopsis in included here:


  • It can help me sell my solution
  • The higher up the decision tree the more visual my sales collateral must be
  • It helps visualize the concept to show my customer and gain buy-in and alignment
  • It reduces the risk of creating the wrong design
  • It improves the likelihood that my design will work
  • It’s cheaper to create a simulation than a real prototype
  • I get a ton of useable data
  • I can test my engineered design and tweak it before I put the specs in a contract


  • Makes my purchasing decision easier
  • We can work in a Risk-Free environment
  • I can actually see what they are trying to sell me in 3D
  • Revisions to the design are cheaper and more likely to be accurate if we can visualize it
  • I get a proof of concept based on real world variation
  • I can tweak things and do What-If scenarios before the thing is built
  • I get a ton of useable data
  • It keeps them honest!

To get more information on using Simulation Modeling and having APO give you a hand, please Contact Us.


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