OEE Integration – Eliminating Manual Data Entry!

OEE, yes we need it…

Many of our clients require OEE as a process performance measure. We implement this as a function of our TPM deployments or simply to understand process performance at the machine  level. As many of you may have experienced, the requirement of manual data collection, converting that to a spreadsheet, then calculating OEE can be labor intensive and therefore is difficult to sustain.

We feel your pain. We also have a need for OEE to implement and monitor OEE ofor our improvement projects. The metric is perfect for these types of engagements and can be carried over into the Control phase as a methd to sustain process performance.

But what about the Integration?

The problem lies in the integration to the data system. Yes, you can buy any number of OEE templates or even data systems, but who is going to make the connection to your machine process?

APO can help

We at Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. have you covered. We have the ability to connect to many PLC and DCS based systems and also provide data acquisition for processes with no automation and control system.

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