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OEE Metric Boards for Visibility to Machine Process Health

OEE Metric Board by Advanced Process Optimization
OEE Concept and Deployment

Did you know Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. can help you create and deploy Metrics boards to manage process performance such as #OEE?

OEE can be tricky to deploy if you haven’t done it before. It is important to use this performance measure and benchmarking Key Performance Indicator (KPI) honestly and consistently throughout your organization. Like any complex measure it can be “gamed” and manipulated, but if you are going to do that, then don’t bother deploying it.

The OEE measure is a comprehensive aggregate KPI that uses the elements of availability, performance, and quality to give a diagnostic of process health. We like using this measure, but time and planning need to be taken and data definitions defined for all constituent parts.

Here’s some math to get you started:

  • Pre-OEE Calculations:
    • Available Time = Total time available per shift
    • Minutes Run = Available Time – Breaks – Planned Downtime


  • OEE Calculations:
    • OEE = Availability * Quality * Performance
    • Availability = (Minutes Run – Idle Time) / Scheduled Run Time
    • Quality = Good Parts / Total Parts
    • Performance = (Ideal Run Rate * Total Parts)/ (Scheduled Runtime – Unplanned Downtime)


  • Reliability Metrics:
    • MTBF = Runtime / number of Failures
    • MTTR = Unplanned Downtime / number of Failures

If you need some help or want to talk about #OEE deployment or other metrics such as SQDC (and its variants), Lean Daily Management  Boards (LDM),  Zone Control, Fast Response, or Flow Boards, give us a call 855-427-6462. Thanks!

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