Sustaining Performance without Hovering

Sustaining Performance without Hovering As a consultant, I am constantly challenged with providing sustainable process improvement performance. You may have heard of the “Hawthorne Effect”, an experiment with one interpretation being: people perform better when they are aware they are being observed.  Knowing this, we can leverage several simple tactics to sustain this effect without […]

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OEE Metric Boards for Visibility to Machine Process Health

Did you know Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. can help you create and deploy Metrics boards to manage process performance such as #OEE? OEE can be tricky to deploy if you haven’t done it before. It is important to use this performance measure and benchmarking Key Performance Indicator (KPI) honestly and consistently throughout your organization. Like […]

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Critical To Quality Done Wrong

The Back Story Ok so I have another example from my life about a Six Sigma concept. Let me lay out the scenario. I love eBay. LOVE IT!! So I am shopping for a TV. I found what I wanted a big 65″ LCD and the price is right. The TV is refurbished, but is […]

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