Advanced Process Optimization are Value Creation and Process Improvement Experts using Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Digital Twin Simulation Modeling, and Organizational Transformation to optimize your business and manufacturing processes.

We focus on business and operations strategy and execution providing you with one source to help identify value creation opportunities and then lead the execution and transformation with your teams to implement positive change and provide lasting value to all stakeholders.

We will Stabilize then Optimize™ your processes, train your people, and change your culture to sustain the gain.


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Stabilize then Optimize™ is our Enterprise and system level approach to operational and organizational excellence.

This blend of Lean Six Sigma techniques with a focus on data-driven decision making, strategy and innovation alignment, and cultural enablers for organizational transformation will evolve your organization to a gold standard.

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Get your customized training by consultants that know how to do real work; not just teach theory.

We all know that reality if far different than the nicely packaged examples in most training programs. Feel free to challenge us, get real answers and coaching to your current problems, and share in our stories and anecdotes, the good, the bad and the ugly… but mostly good.

About Advanced Process Optimization

Advanced Process Optimization has significant experience collaborating with clients across diverse business domains and regulatory environments to deliver exceptional value to stakeholders, including the business leaders, shareholders, customers, and employees.


Ask yourself these questions:

Can we develop and execute a Value Creation Plan for Private Equity?
Do we know how to create and operationalize a 1-3 year Operating Plan?
Do I have the talent and resources to fix difficult or complex process or product manufacturing or quality problems?
Do we have the skillset and exprience to do a pull off complete Lean Transformation ourselves?
Can we handle the change management requirements for our large initiatives?
Do I really have the resources to dedicate to get this done right?
Do I want Training to be accompanied by a real project in my plant?
Am I committed to take the next step to finally improve things?
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We take you from Strategy to Results

We offer a team of seasoned executives and operators with extensive experience in establishing best-in-class performance while driving significant shareholder value. Our team is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated a proven track record of operational expertise. We understand the importance of meeting and exceeding expectations, and have a keen eye for efficiencies and optimizations that drive success. With our expertise and insights, we can help your organization achieve its goals, and generate sustainable growth. We take pride in our professional approach to addressing business challenges and delivering results. Trust us to provide you with exceptional service and expertise to help you tackle any operational challenge.

Strategic Planning

Create a strategy and turn it into an actionable plan with goals, targets, and a timeline - Turn Strategy into Action!

Value Creation

Value Creation

We work on the basic elements of Value Creation: Cost out, Top Line Margin Expansion, Cash Creation as well as increasing Exit Multiple by identifying Due Diligence discount traps. Get more EBITDA!

Jason Merschat leads the OpExChange tour of SixAxis to showcase the Lean Daily Management system

Lean Transformation

Starting with the basic elements of Lean we will Stabilize then Optimize® your operations. Lean Daily Management deployment, Standard Work, Machine Reliability, Training, 5S, Safety programs, and more...

Problem Solving

Complex Problem Solving

Business Leaders don’t call us for the easy stuff. They call us when things hit the fan. They call us for the seemingly unsolvable problems.

Simulation Modeling

Create a digital twin of your current or existing process, manufacturing facility, warehouse, or any process

Client Testimonials

“APO is not your typical consulting firm. Jason is an excellent communicator and Sensei that also teaches lean thinking and problem-solving techniques while working with your teams to efficiently solve complex problems. We have used APO on multiple occasions in our plant including the development of simulation models of complex value streams using SAP data to identify bottlenecks and significantly reduce WIP inventories and production order lead times thru the use of various lean methodologies and tools.

We have also used APO’s problem-solving expertise to solve complex scrap issues on precision parts running across multiple processes using design of experiments and other lean tools with fantastic results. I have recommended Jason and his team to other plant managers within our organization where they have also achieved similar results.”
Bob Hart
Plant Manager
“Advanced Process Optimization under the direct leadership of Jason Merschat, provided the expertise to resolve a long-standing quality issue for my plant. Within six months, Jason and his team determined root cause, resolved the issues, established best practice processes, and fully trained engineers, leaders, and associates. His work resulted in a net positive ROI of over $200,000, improved delivery performance by 10% on select products, and placed my plant in good standing with key customers including General Motors.

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jason. He has the unique ability to apply complex problem-solving methodologies on the shop floor in a way that engages people and gets results.”
GGB by Timken
Dan Maroun
Plant Manager
“APO was hired to perform a complete analysis of the production process and develop future key projects that involved, employee job function changes, prompting SMED and other 6S events focused Veka on the Value Added steps in our process, and T’ed up projects that help to minimize and/or eliminate the non-value added waste that was exposed in our processes.

The training, benchmarking and hands on Leadership provided by APO, have helped our company begin the continuous improvement journey.”
Ron Salkeld
Director of Continuous Improvement

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