Business Leaders don’t call us for the easy stuff. They call us when things hit the fan. They call us for the seemingly unsolvable problems.

We have the tools and techniques to figure out complex business problems… and the simple ones as well. Sometimes you are too close to the problem to see it, or simply don’t have the bandwidth or skill set to get the problems solved, but we do and we will prove it to you.

We don’t just advise – we get involved, fix it, and make sure it stays fixed.

To get a process optimized you need to understand the constraints, complexities, and independencies that exist in dynamic systems.

When we talk “optimization” we mean optimization.

We use advanced tools such as Simulation Modeling to pick up where Lean and Six Sigma leave off. Lean and Six Sigma are looking at a snapshot in time, linear, with a limited explanation of interdependencies. The world doesn’t really work that way. We have a Suite of optimization tools that typical Lean or Six Sigma practitioners do not even consider, and that’s why we are successful

We facilitate your improvement initiatives.

We work with you to solve the problems that we identify in our analyses. This allows you to see the actual value be realized from the analysis. We don’t just leave you with a report, we leave you with results.

We work with your people.

This may sound intuitive but let us explain. We will not descend with fifty consultants to your organization. You will get one or a small handful at most. Why? You don’t need more than that. The answer lies within your process and with your people. 

We form a Team of your best and brightest and get to work on solving the problem using our knowledge, experience, methodologies, and technology. You are left with an experienced Team of people who know how to approach a complex business problem and solve it. Oh by the way, we can train and certify them along the way using the project as the capstone for certification.


Optimization is more than a buzz word for us. It’s part of our name and we know how to get there.

We have developed our Stabilize then Optimize™ approach to ensure we have a stable process before we apply our optimization techniques. We know how to get sustainable process improvement and control. It’s not easy, but we can do it for you.

Stabilize then Optimize®

We require our clients to have the will and discipline to follow our methodology. You don’t like failed projects and neither do we, thus our Stabilize then Optimize™ process methodology was developed.

Call us for a process assessment and we can determine your level of stability before recommending an approach to problem solving. Rest assured, we can get your process performing like a champion.



APO’s focused approach to Lean Enterprise Systems.

Lean is fundamentally concerned with minimizing time in a system, and it accomplishes this through the identification and eliminating wasteful, non-value-added activities. The result is a fast, responsive, low-cost, customer-aligned system of processes. The benefits will manifest in improved revenues, happy customers, and lower operating costs – the trifecta of operational excellence.

  • Strategy and policy deployment – Hoshin Kanri, Kojo Kanri, Voice of the Business
  • Customer alignment – Voice of the Customer
  • Cost minimization – COPQ
  • Performance measurement and metrics tracking – SPQDCI, OEE, Balanced Scorecards
  • Organizational change through alignment – Nemawashi
  • Data-driven decision-making – Voice of the Process
    Solving problems at the process – 5 Why, A3, 8D
  • Timely communication of critical information – Lean Daily Management, Zone Control
  • Workplace organization – 5S
  • Machine Process Stabilization – TPM and OEE
  • Standard Work Development – Yokoten


APO’s powerful, statistics driven Problem Solving methodology that takes the guesswork out of success.

APO founded our Truth in Analysis® methodology on the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. Six Sigma is fundamentally concerned with the minimization of variation in a system and accomplishes this through the application of statistical methods.

Couple the power of Six Sigma with other advanced techniques such as predictive analytics, Shainin, Stratification Analysis, Timeline Analysis, Neural Networks, Decision Tree Analysis, and Cluster Analysis and you end up with Advanced Process Optimization’s Truth in Analysis® methodology.

Expect big gains in process performance and elimination of difficult to solve product and delivery issues with Truth in Analysis® by Advanced Process Optimization.


Do you really understand your company? The best companies in the world do, and you can too with Process Simulation Modeling using FlexSim.

Process Simulation Modeling is the only method to understand the complex and dynamic interdependencies of our business and manufacturing processes. Process Simulation Modeling allows us to do a deep dive analysis, perform what-if scenarios, and use constraint-based Optimization of our processes. This is Lean Six Sigma at its highest level. APO is a proud reseller of FlexSim Simulation Software

Have you ever tried to analyze your process and found that it was too complex or had too much variation to be analyzed using typical Lean and Six Sigma tools such as value stream maps and process flow charts? Have other “problem solvers” also failed to find the hidden value in your system?

Only APO has the Team and Technology to solve your complex process problems and take your performance to the next level.