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Customized Training Programs that deliver results

At Advanced Process Optimization, we take pride in our carefully crafted training process, designed to bring out the best in our trainees. Our training involves a thorough analysis of your needs and objectives, followed by the development of a tailored program that aligns with your goals. We harness our expertise and experience to deliver engaging, practical, and relevant courses that will help you achieve the results you desire. Our training process is efficient and dynamic and will prepare you to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Problem Solving Training

Not all problem solving methodologies are the same. APO will recommend the right fit for you and your team whether it be Lean Six Sigma, 8D, or A3, we know how to choose and train the right fit for success . We can train and fix your problem at the same time. What a way to create value!

Lean Manufacturing

At APO we are experts in implementing Lean Manufacturing. We have architected and implemented world-winning transformations across multi-plant facilities down to addressing specific tactical issues. We can train and deploy simultaneously - That's the best way...

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The créme de la créme of APO’s training offerings is customized training by one of our Subject Matter Experts (SME).

We find that leaders that call on APO for Lean and Six Sigma process improvement training typically choose the option of conducting the training in concert with a project. By using this method, we find the following:

  • The student gets immersed in the subject matter by being able to try, fail, learn, and succeed – Reality
    A mentor, your instructor, is a highly skilled practitioner and consultant who will ensure the Team’s project is successful
  • The sponsor gets a problem solved in the course of the training
  • The company realizes an immediate return on their investment through the completion of the project
  • The Team wins big by learning, doing, solving, and celebrating
  • It removes the excuse that “we have not done this before”
  • Students apply the statistical software appropriately
  • Students learn how to develop data collection methods for future analysis through the struggle of data mining, cleansing, and transformation
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications from Advanced Process Optimization

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma – The Ultimate Process Improvement Certifications by APO

At APO we do things quite a bit differently than other certifying organizations in that our Lean Six Sigma training is rigorous and complete with the final product being a completely competent and well-rounded Process Improvement Expert at the level they are trained. We are IASSC and SSC accredited and require a project to be completed for certification.

At APO we believe identifying a group project for Green Belt with the leadership team helps bring immediate value back to you for the training investment and helps the Green Belts work as a Team. From Black Belt and up it is one project per student.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt Use our Online Course to get basic knowledge to your Team
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Group or Individual Project Requirement
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Individual Project Requirement
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Project management of Multiple Black Belt Projects are Required or a Portfolio of Individual Projects

8D Problem Solving

A problem solving methodology for everyone!

8D, or Eight Disciplines, is a problem-solving methodology that uses inductive and deductive methods to identify the root cause of a problem and provide a solution. It’s a team-oriented approach that’s often used when there are safety or regulatory issues, customer complaints, or high levels of waste, scrap, or internal rejections. The 8D process is based on the PDCA Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), with each step roughly corresponding to two steps in the 8D methodology.

First developed by the Ford Motor Company developed  and published 8D in their 1987 manual as “Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS)”, the 8D process helps to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems, which can be useful for improving products and processes. 

Front Line Leadership

Prepare your new leader for the hardest job out there

Let’s admit it – the Front Line Leader is one if not the hardest jobs on the shop floor. May times we’ve taken the best technician and…”POOF” – magic wand – you’re now a leader – congrats on the promotion. What we must do as leaders is prepare our high potentials for the challenge of leading their own teams with proper training. APO has built out a suite of leadership modules in our Online Learning Management System (LMS) to handle this specific need.

Learn to Think, Communicate, and Behave Like a World-Class Leader

Let’s give them a fighting chance and prepare them for leading with APO’s Font Line Leadership Training. It’s only $899 and covers all the following topics:

Soft Skills Training Included: Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Employee Motivation, Interpersonal Skills, Safety in the Workplace, Supervising Others, Time Management

Technical Training Included: Excel Essentials, Outlook Essentials, Word Essentials

Digital Twin Training

Learn how to Simulate Your Processes

You’ve heard all about the Digital Twin craze – well there’s a good reason for it. Simulation Modeling is a fantastic technique to use to find opportunities in complex and simple systems. It can be used for process design, factory and warehouse layout optimization, cost reductions, growth modeling, factory consolidations or expansions. Discrete event simulation is the new process or value stream map. We can get you started on this path with Digital Twin training by Advanced Process Optimization.

project management team meeting

Project Management

7th Edition Course – Online or Instructor Led Training

With the increasing demand for efficient project delivery, mastering the art of project management has become a critical skill for both businesses and individuals. Project management is the practice of planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals and objectives, while adhering to the predefined project parameters. It provides control over the project lifecycle, from its initiation to its completion. Whether a business is planning a small-scale project or a large-scale initiative, effective project management is the key to ensuring success.

The Project Management 7th Edition course will cover principles and techniques in accordance with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th Edition, which is the globally recognized standard for project management best practices. Participants will gain an understanding of value delivery, project management principles, as well as performance domains that are important for final delivery outcomes. As the world continues to change with technology evolving and new organizations emerging, it’s important to reconsider the global perspectives that are found within the PMBOK Guide.

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With our comprehensive and hands-on training, you can confidently equip your team with a proven and structured problem-solving method or gain a valuable credential to enhance your resume and open up new doors of opportunity. Our exceptional program has stood the test of time and been endorsed by countless satisfied participants, giving you the added assurance that you are investing in a truly worthwhile and effective training experience. Don't settle for less – choose our program today and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential!