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Strategy, Value Creation, Private Equity, Due Diligence, Operational Improvements, Structured Problem Solving

Complex Problem Solving

If you are struggling to solve a difficult or long standing manufacturing, operations or process problem, we can help. We employ structured problem solving methodologies to quickly solve the unsolvable. People don’t call APO for the easy stuff – they call us when it hits the fan!

Simulation Modeling

Are you building a new facility? Designing and Selling New Capital Equipment? Moving or buying new equipment? Consolidating or expanding sites? trying to identify constraints in a complex HMLV flow? If so, creating a Digital Twin using Simulation Modeling is the tool for you and APO can help.

Lean Transformation

APO has architected and led global award-winning transformations and we can do the same for you. 

Are you committed to make the change? – Then be prepared for massive value creation!

SixAxis Lean Transformation

Lean Six Sigma Training & Certifications

We’ve led hundreds of successful kaizen and rapid improvement events using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies and we can train you too!

We also offer Project Management and Front Line Leadership Training among other topics.

Strategic Policy Deployment

Hoshin Kanri or 3-year strategy planning with next-year tactical and targeted execution planning including Kojo Kanri – Business Unit and Factory level roll-out. Facilitated offsite, SWOT, X-Matrix, KPI development, Action Planning and Tracking, and Bowling charts. 

We do it together – you get it all!!

Value Creation Planning

We help Manufacturers increase valuation by improving, Cost, Cash, Multiple, and Margin. If you need help developing or executing a Value Creation Plan, please call APO to help. We’ve been there and can help lead the charge to EBITDA growth and a successful PE Exit

Total Productive Maintenance

It’s quite common for us to find machine reliability to be a major issue of instability in Manufacturing processes.  Setting up a TPM program and measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are a go-to play for APO. Need machine process stability, a maintenance plan, and approach? APO can help!

Manufacturing Health Assessments

Stability – It is foundational to a healthy production environment. APO are the go-to experts in analyzing the 4M’s of manufacturing to look for opportunities to stabilize Man, Machine, Material, and Method so you can then Optimize the entire process. Stabilize then Optimize!

A3 & 8D Problem Solving

A straightforward and effective problem-solving methodology without all the statistics of Six Sigma. Both A3 and 8D are structured problem-solving methodologies that can handle 80% of what we see in organizations. Let’s form a team and solve the problem with APO

Lean Daily Management

Drive decisions down to the shop floor, empower your front-line workers, provide transparency to operating performance, and create accountability and trust? Then you need to deploy lean Daily Management. 

APO knows the secret to success!

Bona Fide Certifications Online Training for Front Line Leaders

Online Training

Bona Fide Certifications exists for one reason only – to provide training and certification to the front-line leaders and problem solvers of manufacturing and industrial organizations.

Check out Bona Fide Cert >

We have the experience to help

It's not our first rodeo

We know what’s around the corner and can confidently guide your team to success. We have years of experience in developing and deploying solutions that work. We get in – fix it – and get out – so you can grow your business, profitably.



We typically start with a video call to understand the need. Next, we schedule an onsite visit to do initial discovery data gathering. We go offsite and analyze that data and present options for a go-forward plan. Once that is decided we build out a road map typically in phases – we and our clients like this approach as it delivers incremental value and provides breakpoints in the engagement if needed. Once we have completed all the phases we have a post mortem to review and share with the entire organization.

Typically we have 1-3 people on an engagement depending on the scope and complexity

We typically charge time and expenses based on the scope of work and complexity. We also are easy to work with and find ways to make the client’s budget work, within reason.

That’s a perfect time to schedule a video consultation – We don’t charge for this but it may help you find the right direction or resources even if it’s not APO

Not typically. we are shop floor guys. We do our best work when engaged directly with your team . This can be the C-Suite in a strategy session that we facilitate, or a Design of Experiments to reduce defects in a machine process. We are engaged and facilitate the change.

Yes, we both train and facilitate in Lean principles. We prefer to do these together. The deepest knowledge transfer is by doing then showing or teaching. We lead, SMED, 5S, TPM, Cellular Design, Value Stream Mapping, level loading, and standard work development kaizens with your teams while training on the concepts. The participants gain knowledge and the company gets great returns on the investment – that last!

Jason Merschat is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and certified trainer. He has created programs for organizations and led hundreds of process improvement initiatives. Rob Riazzi is a Black Belt under Jason’s tutelage and is the lead trainer for our Lean Six Sigma program

We help with operational due diligence for buy and sell side deals as well as value creation planning and execution.

Smart leaders know when to ask for help.

We are here to support you and give you and your Team the extra horsepower and expertise to get you to the next level. Don't hesitate. Let's get this started!