Case Study

Transactional Process Re-engineering

The Problem

A company that aggregates credit reports was experiencing poor performance of their new hires. The new hires took nearly five weeks to complete training only to not be profitable for the company. This coupled with an extremely high turnover rate made providing consistency of service impossible.

Our Approach

APO worked with leadership to craft a custom Lean Six Sigma training program for members of leadership and operations staff. We coupled the new hire performance and turnover problem in with the training, and walked the Team through the solution with their new training knowledge in hand.

The Results

APO was to create lasting value for this transactional service provider by training and facilitating a project solution all in one delivery package. Productivity is up by 15% and processes are re-engineered to align operation’s expectations with those of hiring and training centers. We removed the organizational barriers to internal processes successfully! The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training easily paid for itself with our training + project approach!

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