The Problem

A group of small firearm component specialists were being brought together by a venture capitalist as a new company. This new, high-end firearms company will build complete weapons systems. The ATF and ITAR compliance requirements were challenges. They need a manufacturing plant and a scalable growth plan; so they called Advanced Process Optimization.

Our Approach

Advanced Process Optimization was selected for our expertise in Lean Manufacturing, but we knew this client needed something more. There is a requirement for the start-up footprint all the way through the three year growth plan that required a scalable solution. We chose Process Simulation Modeling using Arena by Rockwell Software.

The Results

We developed the complete business operations strategy from how many people would be needed at any given point in time, to the ERP software to run, to the exact placement of machines including the installation of utilities down to the last electrical feed. The Company is a thriving success and an innovator in carbon fiber wrapped barrel technology.

They achieved ITAR certification several months later.