The Problem

A global computer learning center had a legacy Six Sigma training program that was failing. Not for lack of customers, but for lack of them grasping and passing the Six Sigma Black Belt requirements. The knowledge transfer and retention just wasn’t happening.

Our Approach

APO took a look at their program and found a 98% pass rate for Six Sigma Green Belt and around 20-30% pass rate for Six Sigma Black Belt.

We recrafted the program using our proven method for corporate clients. We require project work at the Green Belt level to prepare for the more rigorous requirements of the Black Belt. We created virtual projects that create a logical thought process, not just disconnected application of techniques. We also included mentoring sessions and one-on-one with our Master Black Belt as needed.

The Results

The program is now a shining success. We have seen their program reinvigorated and many successful students have been trained and certified using the APO method.