Simulations as Reinforcement for Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Authored by: Robert Bailey, Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. It is widely accepted that Lean focuses on waste reduction in processes and Six Sigma on reduction of variability. Lean tries to create flow and pursue perfection in processes. Six Sigma is extremely valuable in the pursuit of perfection. As an example, the only way to solve […]

Should I train all my people in Six Sigma?


My answer, “Probably not just yet”. I am in countless conversations with clients that either call us in to do a sophisticated Designed Experiment or Six Sigma-level analysis only to find it is not necessary. It ends up being something we can solve using much more basic problem solving methods. Similarly, I field endless inquiries […]

How to Select the Right Project for Improvement?

Whatever business you may be in, there is a constant pressure to improve, and rightly so. How to go about it is the difficult part. First, understand what value you bring to your customers and any competitive advantage you lack or would try to build. Think in simple terms such as time-based and quality-based improvements. […]